When we set out to develop this image set, we engaged a bunch of great people in the process. ShowMe Images have been tested by kids and by professionals to make sure that they suit the needs of the people they are intended for.

The response to these images has been resoundingly positive. We have taken the feedback we have received on board and adapted the images accordingly.

Here’s a few quotes from our testing sessions:

“We really liked the images here in kinder and are interested to see the full range. We have already found a few that we haven't seen before that will be a helpful addition for us.”
“…the images look great. It’s good to see them with a variety of people, skin colour etc.”
“I really like the visuals and can see how they could be used throughout the school. With the number of EAL students we have these visuals could make things so much easier… They are very colourful and easy to understand.”
“These images are very attractive and appealing for the children we work with in our clinic.”