ShowMe Images are a great tool for anyone who is communicating with children. They are especially useful when communicating with children with special needs, including kids who have autism or intellectual disability or who speak English as an additional language.

ShowMe Images are useful for:

A female teacher is tutoring a student
  • teachers and educators
  • teacher aides
  • child care and early learning professionals
  • occupational therapists
  • speech pathologists
  • psychologists and counsellors
  • social workers
  • early intervention specialist
  • parents and carers.

Presenting information in a visual way can:

  • improve communication
  • enhance language development
  • support information processing
  • promote independence
  • develop confidence
  • warn of impending change
  • ease anxiety about upcoming events
  • encourage understanding of appropriate behaviour.
Australian classroom

Support inclusive education: 

  • make your classroom or setting inclusive of children with special needs
  • make your own professional resources with high-quality, respectful images
  • customise your classroom or professional setting for the needs of children with special needs 
  • have the flexibility you need to make resources in your own way  
  • empower children with strong visual cues and reminders  
  • create more harmony in class, in therapy or at home 
  • build confidence in kids and encourage positive behaviour 
  • choose from images of diverse Australian kids in familiar classroom settings 
  • load the images into other software or apps that you may be using, such as Boardmaker 

Easy searching for quick, professional results

We have created an interface for finding and saving images that is simple to use and allows you to easily insert ShowMe Images into any document. ShowMe Images can be used as single images for language and vocabulary development or you can use a variety of images to create your own range of resources.

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ShowMe Images thumb drive interface