We are pleased to let you know that the Life and Social Skills image set is now available. This set has been a long time in the making but we assure you, the wait has been worth it!

With over 500 beautiful images of children, adults and objects in day-to-day settings, this image set will help you create useful tools for communication about everyday activities and positive behaviour.

The new set contains images of:

  • social skills like apologising, joining in and being friends
  • health and hygiene, including items like an EpiPen and head lice shampoo
  • people, including parents, teachers, cultural icons and a range of professions
  • clothing
  • feelings
  • toileting. 

This set will help you to:

  • create inclusive home, therapy, classroom and early learning settings
  • support positive behaviour
  • explain transitions from one activity to another
  • help kids get ready for their day
  • help kids understand their emotions and behaviours
  • allow you to easily create visual schedules for daily routines.

This set also contains free templates to get you started.

We’ve designed this image set because we believe that good design matters.

It makes content more engaging. And higher levels of engagement increase communication success.

If you’re the kind of person who believes in great design, these images are for you.

You can use them to communicate with children.

And children will respond to seeing kids like them reflected in your work.

These images capture contemporary Australian people and settings, and they make your work look more authentic and professional.

We hope you enjoy using the new image set from ShowMe Images.